Greet the origin of everything and hold the heart of tolerance. Through the microcosmic view of nature, Tung Ming Hu takes its natural, diverse, infinite, and inclusive elements to interpret a series of works, which develop with the integration of a single or different materials. He illustrates the subtle interactions and visual ideas of works and constructs the unique lexis of his sculpture. Tung Ming Hu’s works show the varied vertical axis of time, in accordance with the various periods, while also parallel to make the foliage-like continuation of designing his series of works.



1967    Born in Taipei

1992    B. F. A. – Sculpture, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2005    M. F. A. – Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan



International  Reward

2000    Third Place. Awaji Yumebutai International Landscape and Sculpture Competition, Awaji Yumebutai, Hyogo, Japan



Domestic  Rewards

2001    Quality Award. Tainan Sculpture Context, Cultural Affairs Bureau,Tainan County Government

1992     Second Place. Sculpture Category, Taipei Art Exhibitions, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1991     Grand Prize. International Outdoor Contemporary Sculpture competition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1990    Grand Prize. WEI CHUAN Golden Sculpture Competition, WEI CHUAN Foods Corporation



International  Exhibition

2010    Racconigi Biennial International Exhibition of Outdoor Sculpture, Italy

2004    International Sculpture Symposium, Ontario, Canada

2003    Kagawa-Ken Mure International Exhibition of Outdoor Stone Sculpture Festival, Japan



Solo  Exhibition

2016    EVERY THING UNDER THE SUN- TUNG-MING HU Solo Sculpture Exhibition, Taichung City Cultural Center, Taichung

2015    MATA Language- TUNG-MING HU Solo Exhibition, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park



Group  Exhibition

2016    ART TAINAN 2016, Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Tainan

2015    ART TAIPEI 2015, Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Taipei

1999 – 2003    Taipei Artist Exhibition, Cultural Affairs department of New Taipei City, Taipei

2001    Tainan Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Tainan County Cultural Center, Tainan

2000    Cross-Domain-

1999     Prototype- Tung-Ming Hu Sculpture Group Exhibition, Ever Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei

1994    Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Tripod, Taipei

1993    International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition, Xuanmen Arts Center, Taipei

1992    Taipei Biennial 1992, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

1989    Taipei Art and Sculpture Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

             Taiwan Contemporary Art Context, Taipei

             Provincial Art and Sculpture Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung



Public Arts

2013    Taichung City Hall, Taichung City Government, Taiwan

2012    Zhunan Train Station, Taiwan Railways Administration, Taiwan

2011    Shuitou Pier, Kinmen County, Taiwan

2010    Shalu Branches, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan

2008   National Defense University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2007   Chiayi District Prosecutors Office, Chiayi, Taiwan

2005   Tainan Baoan Market, Tainan, Taiwan

2002   Changhua Performing Arts Center, Changhua, Taiwan

1999   Chagall District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

1997   Hsinchu City National Art District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan







Ontario, Canada

Awaji Yumebutai Gardens, Hyogo, Japan

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Taiwan Art Bank

OEC Group

Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd

Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd

Construction Companys